Terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Apostille Australia Certificate Service is owned, operated, managed and licensed to  Red Seal Notary, Solicitors, Attorneys and Notaries.
  2. When providing notary/apostille services to its clients, this website’s liability is limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation (NSW).
  3. This website and Red Seal Notary provides its services to visitors and clients subject to the following Terms and Conditions, so please read all numbered paragraphs carefully.
  4. Signing off on our Order Form both PDF and Online means you acknowledge our responsibilities in providing notary/legalisation/delivery services.
  5. For legal advice, please consult your solicitor or attorney. We do not provide legal advice or create any forms.
  6. It is acknowledged that the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), or a particular Embassy or Consulate, whether located in Australia or overseas, when presented with a document by this Service for the issue of an Apostille Certificate, Authentication Certificate, or legalisation processing, will review that document to ascertain whether it is relevant or appropriate for the issue of such documents or processing.
  7. It is acknowledged that there is a possibility that a presented document might be rejected either by DFAT, an Embassy or Consulate or that a delay may take place because of some irregularity associated with that document.
  8. A document may be rejected by DFAT for various reasons, including… a public official’s signature and/or seal not recorded on its data base, or not appearing on all pages of multiple paged documents.
  9. Examples of cases when a document may be rejected…
    1. Public documents digitally signed (no "live" signature);
    2. Torn, stained, laminated or dilapidated documents; and
    3. Documents presented to it not being public documents but only private documents such as educational documents
  10. If a document is rejected either by DFAT, an Embassy or Consulate, the client who has instructed this Service, must co-operate fully with Apostille Australia to assist correction of any irregularity causing the rejection or delay in the issue of the appropriate certificate or legalisation.
  11. It is agreed that any additional fees incurred by Apostille Australia to rectify such an irregularity or delay is payable by the instructing client.
  12. It is acknowledged that Apostille Australia advances funds to DFAT,  an Embassy or Consulate in payment of its fees for issue of an Apostille Certificate, Authentication
    Certificate or legalisation process, and that therefore our instructions cannot be cancelled once the documents have been received by Apostille Australia and processing commenced.
  13. It is acknowledged that Apostille Australia is not responsible for any loss or damage to documents which may be caused by DFAT or any Consulate or Embassy after lodgement therewith, by printing errors or otherwise, or any delay or failure of delivery services provided by Australia Post, or international courier companies. All users of this website are reminded that Consulates and Embassies both within and outside Australia are sovereign states and are outside the jurisdiction of Australian courts. Any loss, damage or processing error or mistake being the fault of the Consulate or Embassy is outside the control of Apostille Australia and no claim for loss of fees or expenses as a result thereof can be made against Apostille Australia in any manner or form.
  14. It is acknowledged that many Embassies and Consulates change and amend their guidelines and fees without notice and we are not responsible for any change of processing procedure or payment that might be required due to sudden changes.
  15. All bank commissions and fees associated with provision of apostille/legalisation/notary services are payable by applicant/client, including applicant’s bank, website’s bank and any intermediary.
  16. Any agreed refund of fees is subject to an administrative charge of $150.00 AUD per document reflecting our time and expense including bank fees and bookkeeper fees to organise and attend to refunds either by cheque or EFT. An online credit card payment cannot be refunded via credit card as your credit card details are unknown to us.
  17. We urge you to consider all alterative options before placing an Order with us rather than seek cancellation and hence breaching a valid contract.
  18. We only refund monies paid when it has been categorically shown that an error on our part has been made, and not a change of mind or discovery of a cheaper service by the client encouraging unilateral cancellation of a valid and binding contract. Accordingly, in these circumstances, although instructions may be cancelled, no refund of monies paid can be made as the cancellation is a breach of the contract entered into.
  19. It is acknowledged that once an Order has been made (either online or by post/courier), a legal contract to provide services comes into existence and Apostille Australia commences processing of that Order immediately and in so doing spends time and incurs costs and expenses which may include advancement of funds to Embassies, Consulates or DFAT in payment of their fees.
  20. Apostille Australia provides legal services and is not a government department or in any way associated with a government department. It provides a legal service to its clients in obtaining apostille and authentication certificates from DFAT and does not issue these certificates itself.
  21. It is acknowledged that this website contains information pages only and not legal advice.
  22. It is strongly recommended that you review carefully this website's FAQ's before placing your apostille Order with us. Our FAQ's advise on critical issues which you should be aware of before placing your Order and making you online payment and thereby entering into a contract with us, such as minimum turnaround time for processing your Order.


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