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Apostille Australia Certificate Service

{NSW Business Registration No:BN98282657}

Apostille Australia (Certificate Service) is a division of RED SEAL NOTARY....Solicitors, Attorneys & Notaries Public.

We are a professional firm of lawyers and not  a government website and we have a walk in notaty/apostille service available without the need of an appointment between 8.30am and 10.00 am sharp...however earlier the we have other legal duties afer that time...

Our offices are located at Level 1, 299 Elizabeth Street, Sydney. NSW 2000.

TELEPHONE ENQUIRIES are not available... as our website has been designed to provide essential and useful  information without the need of time consuming telephone enquires from multiple time zones within Australia and around the world.

Our FAQ page... if examined carefully and with patience will answer most enquiries.

If not,  feel free to make an enquiry utilising the ENQUIRY FORM below.


Street Address:


Address for drop-off of documents,  courier delivery of national and international packages:

Level 1, 299 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW  Australia 2000

Address for express posting:

PO Box K 1328, Haymarket, NSW, 1240

PLEASE NOTE: We respectfully request you study our website links carefully, and if you still need further informtion, email your enquiry to us, as we do not have sufficient staff to respond to telephone enquiries....


Postal Address:

PO Box K 1328






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We invite you to take your time and carefully read and digest the information contained on the pages published on this website, particularly Frequently Asked Questions, before you respond to this invitation for further information.

Should you require further information, or your query remains unresolved, complete and submit the email Form below and one of our staff will reply shortly by email. We do not respond to telephone enquiries due international and national time differences.

Any queries that have published answers on our website pages should not be the subject of your enquiry.

We are not a government website but a professional business replying only to genuine queries about How to Order our various services to assist you with your Order.

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