How we Assist

How We Assist

Apostille Australia Certificate Service provides professional legal advice and services and undertakes on behalf of its clients the legal processes associated with the legalisation of all Australian public documents for use overseas.

Its representatives personally attend upon the relevant Australian Government Department to apply for the issue of an Apostille Certificate or Authentication Certificate.

It accepts instructions to legalise Australian public documents required for use in countries not members of The Hague Convention, attending upon the relevant Embassy or Consulate in Australia for this purpose.

It also provides extensive Notary Public and document translation services.

It accepts instructions from the legal profession, financial institutions, adoption agencies, insurance companies, immigration specialists and agents, IT companies, universities and many other sectors.

It particularly welcomes instructions from individual members of the public, overseas Australian expatriates and foreign nationals.

Apostille Australia has the requisite skill, expertise and personnel to legalise all Australian public documents for use in all foreign countries, whether members of The Hague Convention or not.

We especially cater for corporate clients who require their important commercial documents to be expeditiously legalised for overseas business ventures and investments.

We are also able and willing to assist individual Australians within Australia, or expatriates and foreign nationals working or residing overseas. with apostille or legalisation requirements for their Australian public documents, including notarised documents. educational, birth, death, marriage and police certificates.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

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