How we Operate

How We Operate

Apostille Australia Certificate Service is a professional company specialising in nation-wide expedited legalisation of public documents for international use.

For over 5 years, we have been Australian leaders in Apostille and Embassy Legalisation services.

Legalising documents for international use can be a painful and time consuming process and a waste of money if not done correctly. It is important to hand over your documents for Apostille and Embassy Legalisation to experienced professionals such as us.

Serving clients throughout Australia and around the world, we provide consulting and professional services and obtain on their behalf official government authentication of both personal and business documents.

It takes delivery from its clients of original Australian public documents required for use overseas, including notarised affidavits or certified copies of original documents such as educational Certificates and Passports.

It thereupon attends upon the appropriate government office in Sydney or elsewhere to have certified such documents as being authentic and genuine, by the issue of Apostille or Authentication Certificates.

Likewise, it attends upon the relevant Embassy or Consulate of a foreign country in Sydney, Canberra or elsewhere, to arrange for full document legalisation of Australian public documents, when Apostille Certificates are inappropriate.

It then returns the duly apostilled, authenticated or legalised documents to their original source.
In providing these unique professional services, we make our clients' lives easier and save them time, worry, energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions?

Apostille Australia Certificate Service

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