Schedule of fees and services charges

Schedule of Fees | Service Charges


Apostille Certificate $300.00 per document (including current DFAT filing fees)
Authentication Certificate   $300.00 per document (including current DFAT filing fees)
Notary services $100.00 per document
Notarial Certificate $250.00 (if more than five (5) pages)
Embassy & Consulate legalisation / attestation $350.00 PLUS Embassy/Consulate fees (email for quote)

Miscellaneous Services

Translations $250.00 per document PLUS translator's fees
Australia Post Express Post (size 500g | 20mm) $20.00 per envelope
Scanning and email service $50.00 per document
International Courier (Carrier DHL) $125.00 AUD including emailed advice of tracking number
Overseas bank transfer fee $25.00
Verification of Australian Public University Testamurs / Degrees / Transcripts $150.00 per university
Payment options

Payment Options

  • Money Order or cheque, made payable to Apostille Australia Certificate Service
  • Internet banking: details as follows:
  1. Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  2. BSB: 062267
  3. Account No: 10134283
  4. Account Name: Apostille Australia Certificate Service

For international clients, please use our SWIFT CODE: CTBAAU25

  • Credit Cards - Authorisation Form emailed on request, or use our online order form with its credit card payment facility option.
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Australian Educational Documents

Australian educational documents are not public documents and cannot be apostilled or legalised standing alone without certification.


Educational documents may include...

  • University or Tertiary Degrees | Diplomas | Certificates | Acedemic Transcripts
  • TAFE | Trade Certificates | Transcripts
  • Higher School | Matriculation Certificates
  • Secondary School Semester Reports | Principals' Statements

An Australian public tertiary educational/university document must be certified and signed by the central Student Administrative office of the issuing University as a "true and accurate" record before the document can be submitted to DFAT for issue of an Apostille or Authentication Certificate. You will need to contact your university's Student Administration to arrange this processing.

Alternatively, you might deliver to us your original Degree/Testamur and we will attend to online verification and stamping for you after notarising/certifying a copy, at an additional cost of $150.00. A signed  Authority from you is required; a blank Authority form will be emailed to you for completion for email  return to us should you wish to proceed in this manner.

An Australian private tertiary educational document must first be notarised by a Notary Public before it can be submitted to DFAT for issue of an Apostille or Authentication Certificate.

A public primary or secondary school document must be signed by an authorised officer of a State/Territory educational authority or a Notary Public before the document can be submitted to DFAT for issue of an Apostille or Authentication Certificate.

A private or secondary school document must be notarised by a Notary Public before lodgement with DFAT for an Apostille or Authentication Certificate.

A Certificate from the Board of Studies must be reissued and signed by an Authorised officer at the NSW Board of Studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions?

Apostille Australia Certificate Service

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Personal delivery or drop off of your original document to our office. No appointment is necessary.

Our notary is in attendance from 8.30 am to 10.00 am Monday to Friday if assistance is needed, otherwise our friendly Receptionists are available to take delivery. Leave your telephone no and email address with the Receptionist and any issues can be resolved by our notary contacting you next working day.

Apostille Australia Certificate Service has its business offices situated at Level 1, 299 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000.

We are a division of Red Seal Notary, Solicitors, Attorneys and Notaries Public. We are not a government department.