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Most Australian public/government or notarised private/documents to be recognised and accepted by overseas businesses, governments or Courts... must be authenticated or "legalised"… that is, formally proved valid and genuine.

An Apostille Certificate is a short and simple form of legalisation, but available only to those countries which are signatories to The Hague Convention.

If not a signatory to The Hague Convention, full document legalisation by the foreign country's Embassy or Consulate in Australia is required in place of an Apostille Certificate.




How to Order

Obtaining an Apostille Certificate

Obtaining an Apostille Certificate or Embassy/Consulate Certificate | Attestation for your Australian public or notarised document doesn't have to be a heartbreaking challenge. We're here to help!

You are welcome to drop off your document/s to be apostilled or legalised  by an Embassy/Consulate to our offices located at Level 1, 299 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000 anytime between 9.00 am and 5.00pm and our helpful receptionist will advise on the next step. We are working from home due to pandemic so there may be a small delay in getting back to you via email.

Alternstively, you may deliver your document/s by express post to our Post Office address... which is PO Box K1328, Haymarket, NSW, 1240.


Kind regards Michael Twemlow, Solicitor/Notary






Apostille Australia: Summary of Costs

  • Apostille Certificate: $300.00 per document (including DFAT filing fees)
  • Authentication certificate: $300.00 per document (including DFAT filing fees)
  • Notary Services: $100.00 per document
  • Notarial Certificate: $250.00 – if not more than five (5) pages
  • Embassy & Consulate legalisation / attestation: $350.00 PLUS Embassy/Consulate Fees (email for quote)

About the owner Michael Frederick Twemlow

About the owner Michael Frederick Twemlow

Michael Frederick Twemlow was admitted to practice as a solicitor, attorney and barrister in NSW, Australia in 1965.

He is retired from legal practice allowing him to concentrate exclusively and efficiently providing apostille/legalisation/notary services worldwide as a commercial agent.

His clients include many large Australian and multi-national companies. He also acts for various Australian and international commercial enterprises.

Michael is a member of the International Union of Notaries, The Law Society of NSW, The Society of Notaries of NSW, and Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Notaries.

Need apostille or legalisation services for an Australian public document?

We provide fast and efficient Apostille or Embassy/Consulate legalisation services required for Australian public documents wherever you are located..within Australia or elsewhere around the world.

Let us take these important, complicated, and time-consuming processes off your hands.

Our Apostille/Legalisation service saves you time and money by processing your paperwork directly with the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.

Our Services

How we assist

How we assist

Apostille Australia Certificate Service provides notary, apostille and legalisations services and undertakes on behalf of its clients the necessary processes associated with the legalisation of all Australian public documents for use overseas.

How we operate

How we operate

Apostille Australia Certificate Service is a professional company specialising in nation-wide expedited legalisation of public documents for international use. For over 5 years, we have been Australian leaders in Apostille and Embassy Legalisation services.

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Apostille Australia Certificate Service

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